Company Member of the Australian Rope Access Association (ARAA)

Standby Rescue Services

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Ropepro High Access Services provides Rescue/Stand by technicians to our clients utilising highly trained and experienced personnel during Shut-downs or on going maintenance tasks. Ropepro has the capability to provide technicians to supervise and manage compliance in projects involving Confined Space Entry, Working at Height as well as preparing and implementing Rescue Plans And performing high level First Aid.

All technicians are capable of performing:

  • A Safety audit of the works and preparing detailed task specific Rescue Plans
  • Maintenance and use of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
  • Implement technical rigging systems and extraction methods
  • Implementing task specific Rescue Plans
  • Patient injury assessment
  • Patient packaging and extraction
  • Basic Life Support


Ropepro High Access Rescue/Stand by personnel can provide all necessary equipment for the Rescue/Standby role including, Tripods/Arachnipods, Technical rigging equipment, Personal Protective Equipment, Atmospheric monitors, Self Contained Breathing Apparatus and First Aid equipment.

All Ropepro High Access Services Rescue/Standby personnel are experienced and competent in the implementation and use of permit systems for Confined Space and Working at Height and are capable of assisting our clients with their Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment procedures. Our personnel are working with our clients during the process every step of the way, we maintain a presence at the work site to ensure procedures are followed and ensure the safety of everyone involved.