Cotter Dam Spillway Maintenance

Cotter Dam Spillway Maintenance

Ropepro were pleased to assist Brooks Marchant Pty Ltd and Icon Water with the replacement of a Tilt Sensor on the Cotter Dam Primary Spillway on the outskirts of Canberra recently. This project presented a number of unique challenges to overcome in order to carry out...

Melbourne Museum Glass Panel Replacement

Melbourne Museum Glass Panel Replacement

Ropepro were pleased to assist Museums Victoria recently with the replacement of a glass panel on the main entrance glass curtain wall. Due to the weight and location of the affected glass panel the options for lifting the panel and fixing the panel in place were...

Penstock Inspection

Penstock Inspection

Ropepro recently assisted the team at AGL Hydro with the internal inspection of the Lower Rubicon Power Station Penstock using Confined Space and Rope Access methods. Working in conjunction with AGL, Ropepro has refined a safe access and retrieval method to safely...

Rail Bridge and Viaduct Inspection via Rope Access

Rail Bridge and Viaduct Inspection via Rope Access

Ropepro is currently assisting the team at Nutall Engineering with engineering inspections of Rail Bridges and Viaducts across Victoria and NSW. There are a number of reasons why the use of Rope Access methods (as opposed to traditional forms of access such as...

Industrial Maintenance via Rope Access

Industrial Maintenance via Rope Access

Industrial warehouses and buildings often require extensive lighting to illuminate their premises. Often this lighting is located in difficult to reach places making maintenance and replacement of globes and fixtures problematic for facility managers. In this photo...

Media Screen Maintenance via Rope Access

    Advertising and Media signage technology has changed considerably over the last few years. Digital Media Screens, LED Superscreens, and other forms of Digital Signage are becoming more prevalent across our city skylines offering a versatile and effective from of...

Height Safety Equipment Inspection

Ropepro is currently in the process of carrying out an audit of all our height safety and access equipment such as harnesses, karabiners, slings, rope, descending devices, rope grabs and pulleys. In order to ensure our equipment is in good...

Rope access in Hydro-Electricity

 Ropepro were pleased to assist AGL Hydro recently with the inspections of the Upper and Lower Rubicon Penstocks and Syphons which form part of the Historic Rubicon Hydro Electricity scheme in Victoria's North East. This project presented a number of challenges that...

Vessel Entry and Rescue Coordination

Ropepro assisted Mentor HR and Little Creatures during a recent shut down period to safely access vessels and confined spaces at their Geelong Brewery site. Maintenance within vessels was required during this shutdown and as such rescue capability was required. When...


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