Ropepro were pleased to assist Woods Environmental Services to clean “The Ornithologist” in the Valley Lake Estate in Melbourne. “The Ornithologist” is a Public Art piece designed by Tim Jones to celebrate the water and birdlife that is naturally drawn to the area.

“The Ornithologist” is an angled structure of steel construction located in the middle of the Lake and anchored below the water surface on the Lake bed. In order to gain access to the structure a boat was required which also, in the event of any emergency rescue, would allow the return of an injured operator to dry land. Aid climbing techniques in conjunction with an integrated rescue system were used to ascend the structure to its apex. High pressure water was used to clean the structure and remove dirt, grime and bird droppings that had built up over the years since it was erected.

Due to the structure’s location in the middle of the lake, Elevating Work Platform or Scaffold were not viable methods of access to carry out maintenance on this structure. Rope Access techniques in conjunction with effective rescue equipment, plans and training were ideally suited to execute this task on time and without incident.



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