Ropepro is currently in the process of carrying out an audit of all our height safety and access equipment such as harnesses, karabiners, slings, rope, descending devices, rope grabs and pulleys.

In order to ensure our equipment is in good working condition and suitable for use, a thorough, documented inspection of the equipment is conducted at a minimum of every 6 months in accordance with legislative requirements and product manufacturers specifications. A thorough inspection of the equipment involves visual and tactile inspection of all critical components of the equipment for any signs of excessive wear, stress, exposure to heat or chemicals and also ensuring that the equipment’s details are recorded and that in some cases, has not exceeded its expiry date. Inspection of height safety equipment is required to be carried out by competent persons with an accredited height safety equipment inspection qualification from a Registered Training Organisation.

If you are interested to learn more or, if Ropepro can assist you with the inspection of your site based height safety equipment, please contact us on 03 9391 7159 or email:

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