Advertising and Media signage technology has changed considerably over the last few years. Digital Media Screens, LED Superscreens, and other forms of Digital Signage are becoming more prevalent across our city skylines offering a versatile and effective from of advertising.

Whilst signage technology has changed there are still access challenges associated with the maintenance of this modern signage.

Since its installation three years ago Ropepro has been assisting Corporate Initiatives Australia to carry out maintenance on the Media Screens at the Myer Emporium building in Melbourne’s CBD. Due to the height and location of the sign, traditional forms of access such as Elevating Work Platforms and Scaffold are not possible due to footpath/road closures and cost barriers. As a result of these barriers, Rope Access methods carried out by highly trained, professional Rope Access technicians are an ideal form of access to carry out regular maintenance and servicing of plant and equipment such as this. A team of professional Rope Access Technicians who are highly trained and well supervised have the ability to mobilise to site, carry out maintenance and demobilise from site in a fraction of the time and cost of other forms of access, not to mention the minimal disruption to pedestrians and traffic below.

If Ropepro can assist you with accessing, cleaning or maintenance of structures or assets under your responsibility, please don’t hesitate to contact us