Ropepro recently assisted the team at AGL Hydro with the internal inspection of the Lower Rubicon Power Station Penstock using Confined Space and Rope Access methods. Working in conjunction with AGL, Ropepro has refined a safe access and retrieval method to safely enter and work within penstocks and other Hydro-electric infrastructure.

One of the key deliverables of this recent inspection was the requirement to record live footage within the penstock and broadcast this footage to Engineers and key stakeholders outside the penstock in real time. Due to the length and construction of the penstock coupled with limitations with signal reception there were a number of challenges to achieving this deliverable.

With credit to the creative thinking, persistence and hard work of all involved with this project our client was able to obtain documented, live and recorded audio-visual content portraying the internal condition of the penstock. The information obtained allows our customer to make informed decisions pertinent to the condition of their asset.


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