Ropepro recently assisted Melbourne Water with maintenance to the roof structure within tankage at their St Albans Water Tank Farm in Victoria.

Recent upgrade works to torsion rods within the roof structure of the tank required mechanical work to be carried out in difficult to reach areas of the roof structure of the tank. Due to the fact these works were required to be carried out within a tank, within strict time parameters coupled with the tactile nature of the task, Rope Access and work positioning techniques were selected as the most appropriate method of access for this work as opposed to other forms of access including Scaffold and Elevating Work Platform (EWP).

Advanced rigging techniques and specialised rigging devices were also employed to allow materials and equipment to be safely and efficiently mobilised to each work area within the roof structure.

When carrying out work in hazardous environments such as this, the pre-task assessment and control of the these hazards and subsequent risk is a major element of the overall project. Due to the nature and location of this work, the assessment of risk, the development of risk controls, Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and documented Rescue Plans required extensive consultation and input from various stakeholders and involved parties. Ropepro worked closely with Melbourne Water representatives over several months leading up to the proposed commencement date to ensure the proposed methods of access, work and rescue aligned with the high standards of Quality and Safety expected during a project such as this.

At the task execution stage, this detailed level of planning ensures careful consideration of all elements of the work and provides clear instruction and work methodologies for the crews carrying out the work. Due to the dynamic nature of this work, the experience and skill of the crew executing this task is paramount to the successful completion of a project such as this. Ropepro’s disciplined team of Rope Access Technicians and Supervisors have a broad range of skills and experience that can be drawn on to navigate hazardous environments and execute project deliverables whilst maintaining high standards of health and safety.

Through careful and considered planning, clear instruction and disciplined yet innovative execution, this project was completed safely, under time and under budget.

Project Manager within the Waterways and Land Delivery division at Melbourne Water, Nick Lauer, had these comments regarding the project  “The engrained standard of professionalism and safety culture at Ropepro was evident through the high quality consultation and planning through to execution which ensured the safe, timely and cost effective delivery of the St. Albans Tank project. Ropepro will be my first point of contact for future high access rope works”.