Vessel Entry and Rescue Coordination

Ropepro assisted Mentor HR and Little Creatures during a recent shut down period to safely access vessels and confined spaces at their Geelong Brewery site. Maintenance within vessels was required during this shutdown and as such rescue capability was required. When...

Rain head maintenance

With the full force of a Melbourne winter bearing down on us it is unsurprising some of the cities buildings are not coping with the volume of rain we have been experiencing. Blocked Gutters, downpipes and Rain Heads can cause significant damage to a building both...

A Birds Eye view

Structures and buildings of any shape and size often present challenges to the people who manage them. One of the unique challenges that Building and Structure owners/managers face is the presence of unwanted birds living in or on top of their assets. Bird problems...

Ultrasonic Thickness Testing

Ropepro are pictured here conducting Ultrasonic Thickness Testing at an Industrial Manufacturing site in the Geelong region to measure steel thickness of Silo's. To safely access all areas of the tops of these Silo's for testing we were required to remove sections of...

Installation of Australia’s largest single bird net.

Ropepro assisted A-Class Bird Control to install Australia's largest single piece bird net at The University Hospital Geelong. The University Hospital, Geelong has recently undergone major re-development to upgrade its facilities. As part of this upgrade it was...

Keeping Melbourne’s waterways healthy

Ropepro recently assisted Woods Environmental Services with a revegetation project for Melbourne Water along the Merri Creek in Melbourne's inner North. It's not only vertical works that require the utilisation of Rope access systems, sometimes an area that is on a...

Internal cleaning of a grease extraction riser shaft.

Ropepro High Access Services recently carried out the internal inspection and cleaning of a grease extraction riser shaft in Melbourne’s CBD with our good friends at Total Ventilation Hygiene. During this project, it was identified that there was no other safe form of...

Wind turbine anemometer replacement via rope access

Ropepro assisting #senvion with replacing a damaged anemometer. #ropeaccess #safety #professionalism #petzl #abseil #work #life #heightsafety #windfarm #workingatheight #ARAA #IRATA ##PPE #industrialropeaccess A photo posted by Ropepro High Access Services...


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